Habits affecting your budget

Habits That Are Hurting Your Budget

by the FlexFi Team 

Everybody loves not over thinking about food, shopping, leisure or even commuting. The problem is that all amenities we use costs money and can be hurting our budget. It is time to stop and think about how to rearrange your daily habits and reduce expenses, without losing any quality of life.

Let’s start!

1. The Daily Stop at the Coffee Shop

There is nothing compared to the amazing smell of freshly made coffee to start the day. But what if you make it by yourself at home? Try preparing your coffee at home in a mug and bringing it with you to your college or work. The amount saved at the end of the month by doing this alone can potentially be over $100.

2. Always Buying the Same Brands

Are you buying that specific brand for a reason or is it just a habit? Some things are difficult to change because it tastes like home or cleans better, but for most of the products we buy often, it is possible to try less expensive brands, such as the no-name brand.

3. Making shopping a leisure activity

Malls and big stores are designed to make you feel comfortable and willing to buy more than you need. When shopping becomes a leisure activity and not something that you really need to do, you are spending extra time and money. Go to malls or grocery stores knowing exactly what you want and how much you want to pay for the product or spend on that particular visit.

4. Excessive Use of Your Car

It can be hard to leave your car parked when you can just take it and drive the four blocks between you and the grocery shop or even the bank. Consequently, more than the cost of gas, in some places parking spots require that you pay, and that small ride that could be made walking ends up costing much more than your time.

5. Eating Out

Restaurants and fast food places are amazing. You can hang out with family, friends, and skip the cooking and cleaning, right? Sounds great, if you have money left over, but for the majority of people, it means a hole in the budget. A good way to keep meeting friends and save money is a potluck, at home, at a park, or at a beach. When we have kids it also means freedom and fun.  P.S., there are several recipes that are low cost and easy to make, just google them.

6. Internet and Cable TV

If we are at home, usually either the TV is on or we are using some device connected to the internet. What is not right, is paying for cable TV or more channels than you really watch, or more data than you use. Review your plan and limits and adjust the plans for only what you really use.

7. Monthly Fees and Memberships

Same as the previous situation: are you enjoying all the benefits of that membership? Or really going to the gym? If not, this is a good expense to get rid of as fast as you can.

Small changes can make a huge difference in your budget. Let’s say that the changes we listed above will help you to save $ 120 every month; in one year, the amount saved will be $1,440.

Analyse your budget and see how much you could save by just changing your small habits. We can assure you that reducing these habits will make you save money while not affecting your comfort.

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This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for individualized professional advice.

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